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We’re a facility design consultancy focused on the research, life sciences, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical industries.

Facilities Integration is a specialist design led consultancy with a focus on sites, site masterplanning, building concept design, process architecture, and initial design development for pharmaceutical , science and technology based industry.

We are an architect led design consultancy that brings together design partners to form a specialist focused integrated facility design team to work as an extension of our client’s discipline set to develop new and retrofit projects from inception to completion.

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Masterplanning, Concept design & Architecture


Sites and site operations often grow through sensible developmental decisions taken at the time of need. Subsequent site challenges create further reactive decisions that create bottlenecks and constraint that needs sensible overview and challenge to release further potential and unlock a sustainable path forward without constraint. Consideration of current uses and future material, product, waste, personnel and sample flows allow the opportunity for re-zoning of uses and re-assessment of flows and equipment layouts; with a focus on operational safety, staff comfort, product focus and process control new operational methods can be made available through considered, flexible facility design. When these are linked with overall energy use and utility assessment, costed alternative solutions with planned short, medium and long term lookaheads a clearer objective becomes apparent that allows true masterplanning decision making and provides for a flexible, sustainable, reviewable masterplan format linked with achievable investment programmes.

Concept Design

The complexity of pharmaceutical facility design with its need for consideration of, often a changing and challenging regulatory environment, provides a need for specialist facility designers that work with their clients as an extended discipline team. This is particularly true at the concept stage. Development of design from the workface outwards, a recognition of a holistic need for design integration that includes the need for sustainability in both thought and output drives an integrated process that considers all aspects of facility investment from retrofit to new build solutions and site development. Concept design is, initially, as much a listening process as it is a development model. The development of concept is at the heart of the initiation of any project as without a sound and clear conceptual design basis projects develop more by luck than judgement. Facilities Integration has been at the heart of the development of successful concepts for specialist nuclear, biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical projects from R+D through API, secondary manufacturing, fill-finish, and packaging to warehousing.


As a natural development from concept, as a practice founded on a consultant architect, design development into a living, breathing, working facility is what it is all about. With successful completions of retrofit and new build projects over the years we have pride in being able to serve our chosen industry well, and continue to do so.

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