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OTC Manufacturing Facilities

The Brief

The Helsingborg facility is Johnson and Johnson’s home base for the manufacturing of Nicorettes and associated nicotine-based over the counter products. J+J needed masterplanning and process engineering advice to allow for further development of this crowded site.

The Process

WSP needed facility design, process architectural and technical support for their project manager and eXmoor Pharma, who provided process support, initially in the development of a masterplan for the site. This, on completion, subsequently led to further development of the first phase of the proposals.

Through a series of development workshops supported by the development of a comprehensive, BIM based, 3D model integrated personnel and material flows, facility solutions were developed allowing J+J to make costed and scheduled judgements on the development path for the facility leading to the design development of the first redevelopment phase.


The masterplan and design development work were carried out during 2013-2014, and provided the capacity for J+J to make value-judgements on the direction of development for the facility with a sound, costed and scheduled masterplan.

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