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Bio-manufacturing facilities, UK

The Brief

Expansion and upgrade of development research and quality control laboratories and provision of new cGMP ATMP sterile manufacturing cleanrooms, including the upgrade/retrofit of write up and offices with facilitating decant/transfer of both office and pharmaceutical warehouse to a new location on the Keele University campus whilst maintaining existing site laboratory and manufacturing operations.

The Process

As an extension of the client team, Facilities Integration leads the consultancy team, including Fulkers quantity surveying, project planning and management; Energy and Carbon HVAC and mechanical engineering; BPE electrical and data engineering; Fulcro 3D BIM based technical support and JNP Group civil and structural engineering to provide costed and scheduled facility assessment with design and process engineering support to the client’s in-house team.
Brief development considered optional paths, provided support in decision making and considered the breakdown of the project structure to focus on a series of on-going integrated decant and design and construction programmes.


The complex project series was commenced during 2017 and is due for completion in 2019 to a focused integrated execution programme, scheduling each project and their integration to suit the on-going manufacturing and decant requirements of the client team. The first phase of the first project is complete with the remainder phases scheduled within an overall monitored cost plan and execution strategy.

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